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ERIC KABERA, founder of the Kwetu Film Institute and the Hillywood/ Rwanda Film Festival, has an impressive filmography that includes Africa United, an award-winning feature film about three youngsters from Rwanda who embark on an epic journey to the World Cup; Keepers of Memory, a documentary commemorating the 10th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda; Through my Eyes, a documentary film about Rwandan youth reflecting on their past, present and future perspectives; and 100 Days, a riveting film recounting the legacy of the Rwandan genocide committed against the Tutsi.

Intore- The Chosen, a documentary reflecting on the recovery of Rwanda 2 decades after the Genocide against the Tutsi. A Reflection through music and dance. Kabera has been recognized by the Director’s Guild of America, and is the 2012 recipient of the Pan African Film Festival’s prestigious African Creative Visionary Award.

Kabera’s work has been featured on international media outlets such as  BBC, CNN, AlJazeera, PBS, Sky News, Boston Globe, Swedish TV, German Tv, French Media, Japan NHK Tv, China Tv, Russian TV, Rwanda TV, Tv Ontario, RFI, Reuters among many others.

Kabera has given talks and presentations at reputable universities and institutions such as the United Nations, the University of Southern California, The Tokyo Foreign Studies, UCLA, Calarts. UN agencies among others.

More than 80 international film festivals from around the world have received and shared Kabera’s work.

Kabera’s initiative has been endorsed and supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars). The Government of Rwanda has supported the initiative of the Kwetu film Institute and The Rwanda film festival on the project of Hillywood for creating the dynamic vibrant film industry in Rwanda through a Memorandum of understanding that was signed by Eric Kabera as the founder of the the Kwetu film Institute.


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Rwanda A Quarter Century

A Quarter Century

The film comes out this month (7th April). It is a short film and is in part a review of my previous work, but most importantly it is interwoven with some of the theatrical performances of top theater drama groups, namely Ishyo Arts Group and Mashirika theatre group and it includes performances of prominent actors and poets such as Ange Uwamahoro, Amata Giramata and others.

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Mobile Phone Filmmaking

Mobile Phone Filmmaking

One of the best things about film is that it can shape the way someone looks at Rwanda and the world. It can depict the violence of the Genocide Against the Tutsi or the grace of Intore dancers; it can share what we see and can reshape how we are seen. Kwetu Film Institute has worked to do just this over the past twenty years, and in doing so, has become a powerhouse in the Rwanda filmmaking industry.

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